Vintage-Treffen 2021

When the paddocks at the Nürburgring open again from May 21 - 23, 2021, and owners of historic vehicles come to the Nürburgring Classic as participants and visitors, it will also be "Welcome to the great pre-war meeting!" again.

Fearless driver in the most historic place

1927, up to 80 vehicles from the years 1910 - 1939 are expected again. The prewars from the "Golden 20s" with their fearless drivers will then once again populate the old pit area at the Ring, the most historic and authentic location on the Eifel circuit.

Sportsmanship and camaraderie are writ large, and the shared enjoyment of the Nordschleife and Grand Prix circuit entice vintage fans.


Diverse range of pre-war starters

ASC Logo

Already for the 11th time this meeting takes place at the Nürburgring. Teams from many nations are present, the range of vehicles is diverse. In addition, Healey-Silverstones and the cars of the brands Veritas and Allard start here... Prewar-spirit at it's best!

Again the ASC - the General Schnauferl Club - will participate in this meeting. There will even be a separate competition in two categories for the "ASC Trophy" in two. A small highlight (of many) is on Saturday the "Elephant Race" on the Grand Prix course - it will be started exactly like the great races of the pre-war era.... with a LeMans start.

Do you want to be there again in 2021 - or do you want to discover the pre-war meeting for yourself in a whole new way and immerse yourself in the informal and friendly community of the "old warriors"?