Experience – Die Strecke erleben!

The Nordschleife - the grail of the Nürburgring - the legendary green hell. The scene of so many races and fights... open to all classic car owners at the starts in the Experience runs of the Nürburgring Classic 2021.

From May 21 - 23, 2021, the Eifel circuit will once again be the place to be:

„Rennen, kämpfen, siegen!“ - „Race, fight, win!"

As part of the Nürburgring Classic race weekend known as the "Race Event", the organizers will once again offer opportunities for "free driving" with like-minded people on the Nordschleife.

Experience runs are available in XL format on Saturday with the duration of 60 minutes and on Sunday in XXL format with 90 minutes. The entry fees are 160,00 Euro or 195,00 Euro. Those who want to take part in both "Experience" runs and enter a combination package will start for a reduced price of 320,00 Euro.

Ride along and gain Nordschleife experience

Clock your own Nordschleife laps, gain further experience on incomparable laps of the world's most legendary race track, shape the participation according to your mood and driving skills.

Pure variety - only with classics - and youngtimers - such a chance to drive in the "reserve" and the home of all our sporty oldies and old racing cars, there is only at the Nürburgring Classic.

Currently we still have some free starting places - here you can go directly to the respective entry area!