Nuerburgring Classic postponed to 2021

Corona - and everything is no longer as it was... Is it true?... No! We would like to thank you for the great support we received as feedback for the decision to postpone to 2021.

In the run-up to the event, we spoke with all sponsors and economic partners, exchanged views with the society of the race track and tried again and again to review our decision to postpone through many discussions in the scene. The feedback was all positive, cooperative and constructive.

We are all currently in the same situation: We are facing a situation whose development we cannot foresee. We need for all teams, race preparation work, travel, the hotel industry in the region, for the marshals, all paddock teams and the partners and their contractors, for dealers with exciting automobilia offer, the Ferris wheel operators, the presenters, the caterers and marketers, for the visitors, the participants of the regularity runs and experience rides and for all our fans, a planning security, which currently can not give - and from the official side will not give differentiated.


New date: May 21 - 23, 2021

With the decision of the federal-state conference and the statement that all large events will remain prohibited until August 31, 2020, we also had to decide, check the local conditions, stay in contact with the local licensing authorities. Permits are issued regionally.

A great social responsibility, the strong current restrictions and the now only slowly beginning and long road to a return to "normality" or what will constitute it, have led us to postpone the Race event to May 21 - 23, 2021.

All official partners of the event share the decision to postpone and want to be back as official partners for the rescheduled event in May 2021.

We are very pleased with this circumstance and we thank all those who support our decision with foresight.


Entries remain on request

Important: The registered participants in the GLPS and Experience runs can remain registered and thus keep the rare starting place confirmed for the next year. These two event parts of the Nürburgring Classic are always overbooked and currently there would have already been a long waiting list for the starts in 2020 for further interested parties. In this respect, for 2020 it is not only "save the date" but also, if desired, "save the place" = just keep your starting place for 2021.

The schedules for the Nürburgring Classic from May 21 to 23, 2021 will be almost exactly the same as those known so far for 2020, so that the circumferences and times and days of the Experience runs and the regularity runs/GLPS will remain as known.


Thank you for the support

Many thanks to all who now actively and benevolently support us in the planning for 2021, see the tickets from the presale immediately as tickets for next year, the next Nürburgring Classic, and to all those who also "leave" the entry fees for GLPs and Regularity runs immediately as a binding booking confirmation for the start in the full grids next year with us in the entry office.

Happy Motoring - despite everything - in 2020… if only for each alone and with a distance.