Die Invasion der Minis

Would John Cooper and Alec Issigonis ever have thought it possible? A large group of great Minis will be on the grid as guests of honor in the 2019 Nürburgring Classic. As a British motorsport journalist once said, ''If the Mini was cool, then the Mini Cooper was cool with knobs on.''

Great meeting on the ring

"Knobs on..." ...but according to the organizers of the Nürburgring Classic, this applies to all Minis! Whether old, young, racing, classic, ex-Min-Challenge, old or new Countryman, Clubman, Cooper Works or soft-tuned "civilian Mini"... the race event at Germany's most famous race track opens its arms wide and welcomes all Minis.

Here the minis are maxi

Maximum cool in the special runs on the Grand Prix circuit or also on the Nordschleife, wonderful together as a community in the paddock in the event. As a participant in the Mini runs or (for historic Minis built up to 2000, this is even possible) as a participant in regularity runs and experience runs (such as "free driving").

Runs for classic and modern MINI

With very special participation packages, all wishes are to be met. You can buy only the ticket to the meeting and thus also to the diverse supporting event "Nürburgring Classic" with 800 starters in more than 20 special runs and races. Or you can register for the Mini rides on the Grand Prix circuit (up to year of manufacture 2000 = historic Minis) or for the Nordschleife ride (all years of manufacture possible here).

Make the Eifel your mini destination from May 24 - 26, 2019.


All info on participation