Experience" classic sports cars - man and machine on the track - no time limits - no regularity run but simply pure driving pleasure with fellow competitors and like-minded people. The "Experience Runs" offer exactly this.

BMW 2002 Startaufstellung

Two attractive runs to choose from

Either you start on the Grand Prix track on Friday for 60 minutes of pure driving fun or on Sunday it goes over the entire track - as in the 24h race - and that too for 60 minutes. More is not possible! The experience runs are like "unrestricted / free driving", serve the joy and sportsmanship and to collect even more driving experience on the tracks.

Any street legal classic car is welcome

They are another good opportunity to test your own sportiness and get to know the track entirely according to your own desire, mood and ability. No racing licenses or converted vehicles are required.... it is the entry into sporty driving for every classic car owner.

There are currently still spots available in the two Experience heats. A great opportunity for you, your friends, your club and for like-minded people to experience many driving moments live and active.