Vorkriegstreffen Elefanten-Rennen

Vintage Meeting | 13 - 15 June. | Casual get-together of pre-war drivers

The pre-war vehicles return to the Ring in 2025. The meeting is taking place for the 15th time.  The paddock of the Prewars will be located in the historic paddock, the original site of the race track from 1927 and the oldest surviving part of the circuit, from 13 to 16 June 2025.


This is where the big Mercedes, nimble Bugattis, Alfa Romeos and MGs were parked in the early years of the Eifel circuit. The racing cars of the period from 1920 to before the Second World War were prepared here for racing on the impressive Eifel circuit with its straight, south hairpin bend and south loop, back straight and north loop. This is where the many pre-war marques and historic racing cars return.

There is only one event for pre-war vehicles on the Eifel circuit that magically attracts so many international starters and vehicles: The Vintage Meeting in the Nürburgring Classic.


Historisches Fahrerlager Nürburgring

Meeting in the historic paddock

The 1910 to 1940 model years are permitted - and the 1941 to 1953 model years (especially the Healey Silverstones, the Veritas, Borgwards, Frazer Nash and Allards as well as early Jaguars, HWMs etc.) are also very welcome.

As many of the old paddock garages as are possible in today's Nürburgring operations will be used. The paddock will be transformed into a journey through time. The atmosphere from the inaugural race on 18 June 1927 can be felt right here in the old pit area. It is reminiscent of the time when Rudolf Caracciola was the first winner to cross the finish line in his Mercedes 680S.

The Vintage Meeting takes place at the same time as the Nürburgring Classic. However, participation in the Vintage Meeting with a pre-war car is officially and booking-wise considered independent of the supporting programme and the event parts of the Nürburgring Classic (which is mainly held in the Grand Prix paddock).


Rides on the race tracks and a hunting trip

Drives for the pre-war drivers at the meeting are traditionally planned on the Nordschleife, the Grand Prix circuit, some picturesque parts of the Südschleife (for photo shoots) and with a "hunting trip" as a rally through the Eifel. The big "get-together" of the vehicle owners, the meeting with friends, joint petrol talks and finally familiar sociability again create a special community. The group of participants is called the "Classic Drivers Club" and is an informal group of like-minded people to whom everyone is welcome.


Vintage Meeting

More information and registration for the Vintage Meeting:

Further information for the Vintage Meeting 2024 is coming soon!



Join us for a legendary prewar-car meeting at the most authentic place you can imagine: The old paddock at the Nuerburgring. Three days of driving and racing, enjoying the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix Track,  having fun with your friends and other vintage car owners and drivers. All information about the vintage & prewar meeting can be found in the download-pdf /´(please use the link above). We are happy to assist if there are any further questions. See you at the ring ! Lets get international!