Endurance races have a long tradition in Germany. As early as 1904, the first long-distance competition, the Gordon Bennett Race, took place in the Taunus town of Bad Homburg. A distance of 512 kilometres was covered on closed-off roads, for which the winner needed just under six hours.

The new "CanAm & Sportscars" race series was held for the first time in 2017. With this race series, a consistent expansion of the FHR race series is being pursued in order to meet the needs of the drivers to be able to race with more up-to-date vehicles.

They are coming back - great hero cars of the sixties, seventies and eighties. Formula 1 will once again be a guest at the Nürburgring Classic in 2023 with historic racing cars.

Le Grand Trophée

Undoubtedly the most exciting vehicles of the post-war period are the racing sports cars of the model years up to 1965. It was then an era of awakening in racing and motor sport. Shortly after the end of the Second World War, almost all European automobile factories focused on developments in motor sport and their resilience and usability for later series production. Vehicles were demonstrated at international events.

It remains unforgotten: The "Golden Era" of motorsport. Above all, the German Touring Car Championship DTM coined this term like no other racing series. A practically classless set of regulations that allowed spectacular duels with production-based cars and created images that were often seen by more than 100,000 people at the races and millions of fans at home on their TV screens.

The Nürburgring Classic offers a new innovation with a new Saturday GLP on the Grand Prix circuit at lunchtime: Only women's teams are admitted to this regularity run/ GLP. The aim is to confirm the time set by the teams themselves for 45 minutes on the Grand Prix circuit - as always with a GLP, maximum and minimum times are set. There will be no dawdling but also no excessive speeding.

The new ticket shop for the 2023 tickets has been activated and ticket purchases are now possible. Many fans and visitors buy tickets at a reduced price in advance. For the last weekend in May 2023, the race event at the Nürburgring announces itself from 26.05. to 28.05. on the Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife.

Next year, in 2023, we will again organise a separate round of the Golden Era Touring Cars as part of the Nürburgring Classic. On all three days of the event, the touring cars will be lined up on the Grand Prix circuit and otherwise in the Grand Prix paddock. 

Entries for the popular regularity runs and experience runs are now open. In 2023, we will again be at the start with regularity runs on the GP circuit and two Experiences on the legendary Nordschleife.