Tickets for 2023 – discount in pre sales – available now

The Nürburgring Classic will take place from 26 to 28 May 2023. The family-friendly event at Germany's most legendary race track has many fans and friends.

Plan now for May 26 - 28, 2023

Ticket prices remain affordable and attractive. They allow for a relaxed visit to travel back in time to the tradition-steeped Eifel circuit. Our prices remain fan prices.

It is essential to also think about multi-day tickets

Why not make more than a day trip out of your excursion to the Eifel at the Nürburgring when you come to the Nürburgring Classic? There is a lot to see and experience. Combi-tickets make a weekend visit a well-rounded affair - or you can come to the Nürburgring Classic 2023 for just one of your selected highlight days. The race event is ready to go.

All tickets are even cheaper in advance than at the box office. With the extensive programme, buying in advance is not difficult. Our new ticket shop offers even more payment options and a better service with good clarity.


Tickets for the Race Event


Ticket pricing

Price stable as in previous years - and without increases - the 2023 ticket prices are as follows:

Ticket VVK Box office
Friday 12,00 € 18,00 €
Saturday / Sunday 27,00 € 32,00 €
Saturday-Sunday-Kombo 38,00 € 54,00 €
3-Days 48,00 € 60,00 €
Day ticket discounted* 10,00 € 12,00 €
Children up to 17 years (included) free free
VIP package / VIP catering in the VIP tent "Private Drivers Club 1927" / daily price incl. VIP entry and drinks 198,00 € -
VIP package / VIP parking (A6) incl. shuttle to the "Private Drivers Club 1927" tent ** 15,00 € -
Vintage car parking at the big meeting in the Eifel village 8,00 € 8,00 €
Supercar parking (limited) in the paddock (One-day parking ticket) 60,00 €  -
Visitor vehicle parking in the paddock (One-day parking ticket) 30,00 € -
Motorhome parking in the paddock (limited / bookable for participants/weekend) *** 90,00 € -
Parking / Nürburgring Company / Parking A and B zones general vehicles**** - 10,00 €

* Pupils, students, people with disabilities, people entitled to benefits under the Social Code
** Only available together with VIP catering package.
*** After registration in participant areas, booking of motorhome pitch in the paddock will be activated via link.
**** Will be collected by the Nürburgring company on site when entering the parking zone / or ticket machine at the car park.