GLPs und Experience Läufe

Let's go into the year 2022 - Start with the Nürburgring Classic into unforgettable motorsport experiences with your own classic car. The registration platform for the regularity runs (GLPS) on the Grand Prix circuit and for the experience runs is open.


Porsche auf der Nordschleife

4x Trackmasters and 2x Experience

The GLP Track Masters are the four possible regularity runs on the Grand Prix circuit. The Experience runs in XL (60 minutes) and XXL format on the legendary Nordschleife offer a lot of driving fun, free driving in the world famous "Green Hell".

Experience runs and the GLPS are the most beautiful opportunities to experience an exciting race weekend at the Nürburgring with your own classic car as a real "weekend hero".


More info about the Experience runs


Alfa Romeo im Fahrerlager

Experience racetrack feeling in an everyday classic car

These two event parts at the Nürburgring Classic race event are not races; you don't need a roll bar or racing equipment. It's about actually "experiencing" the two race courses with your own car.

The construction year limits and the technical conditions are listed in the respective entry area. Registrations can be made immediately and will be accepted as long as there are still starting places available.

We proceed according to the rule "first-come-first-serve" for these two participation areas. If necessary, a waiting list will be set up in case of overbooking.


More information about the Track Masters


An active weekend at the Nürburgring and Nordschleife

The Experience Runs and the GLPS - each with the paddocks in the Grand Prix paddock - are one of the most beautiful opportunities to get to know the Ring, to spend an active weekend yourself and to drive your own classic car according to your own assessment of its capabilities on tracks that are world famous.

Thus, the classic car owners and club mates of many brand and type clubs will become racers themselves from May 20 - 22, 2022.


We are looking forward to many registrations!