At the 2018 Nürburgring Classic, teams and spectators - and of course the fans of historic motorsport - are looking forward to the 3-hour race over the entire circuit that will take place. On the event Sunday, June 17, 2018, the teams of the FHR in the "Dunlop-FHR Endurance Cup" and the teams of the Youngtimer Trophy will start in the "3 Hours Endurance Race". 

Startaufstellung FHR Langstrecke; Cannoneer Photography

Touring Car Classics on the Grand Prix circuit

The Tourenwagen Classics will run the race of the old DTM cars at the scheduled time on the same Sunday on the Grand Prix circuit - the DTM heroes of yesteryear will be at the start. Due to a coordination and capacity difficulty in the area of the track marshals for the long and demanding Nordschleife, the organizer had to move the practice runs for the Nordschleife races from Friday to Sunday morning.

Youngtimer Trophy; Cannoneer Photography

Dunlop-FHR Endurance-Cup und Youngtimer Trophy on Sunday

The Youngtimer and the FHR endurance participants have adjusted to this, so the schedule is the same as last year at the Nürburgring Classic. The Touring Car Classics racing series ultimately decided to race on the Grand Prix circuit, as training and racing on one day on the overall circuit is not feasible for them due to the complexity of the vehicles.

FHR Langstrecken Cup; Cannoneer Photography

Three days of racing action

However, the Touring Car Classics will run - as planned - on all three days of the event: All fans can watch the Touring Car Classics on Friday late afternoon in the 1st qualifying session, on Saturday afternoon in the 2nd qualifying session and on Sunday exactly at noon in the race on the Grand Prix circuit.

All other program points remain unchanged except for minor time shifts.