The Nürburgring Classic offers a new innovation with a new Saturday GLP on the Grand Prix circuit at lunchtime: Only women's teams are admitted to this regularity run/ GLP. The aim is to confirm the time set by the teams themselves for 45 minutes on the Grand Prix circuit - as always with a GLP, maximum and minimum times are set. There will be no dawdling but also no excessive speeding.


The focus is on fast driving fun and the community with many women drivers.

Fact: Men have deliberately "lost nothing" in this new GLP format and a GLP is thus naturally no longer a purely male domain. Women...start your engines! As an introduction, before the GLP there is an appropriate training and a special briefing on the Grand Prix course and driving on the circuit in GLP mode, lasting 40-60 minutes.

Up to 65 vehicles and teams are permitted for the starting field.


Drive your classic car around the Formula 1 track

Saturday, 27.05. woman-only GLP "2fast4u"



For women with their own classic car or youngtimer 

This "2fast4u" GLP is aimed at women with their own classic or youngtimer (year of construction limit: model year 1992, i.e. also vehicles built after 1992, but in the same way as the 1992 model of the vehicle). Important: The female driver and co-driver form the team. All the information is here in a small leaflet (german).


Women-only teams at the start

If women usually drive the other parts of the Nürburgring Classic with their husbands, it would certainly be possible to form a women's team or two among friends, with the men of creation simply handing over the driver's seat and steering wheel to their better half and the woman, who is usually a GLP co-driver, then setting off as a driver herself and finding a co-driver to suit her. Why not?

In any case, we are looking forward to lively interest and many registrations (entry fee 175,00 Euro per team of 2). Click here to go to the registration.