The big pre-war meeting alongside to the Nürburgring Classic has become a tradition. Connoisseurs confirm: It is in this way the largest grid of prewar cars in a historic motorsport event on the continent.

A relaxed get-together and good petrol talks

The organizers are mainly concerned with a relaxed get-together, good fuel talks and the right - because always down-to-earth - spirit. It's a great community of pre-war drivers coming together to enjoy the extended sporty rides on the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix circuit.



From May 20 - 22, 2022, it is again: elephant race with LeMans start, hunting trip through the Eifel, evening barbecue in the old paddock and Grand Prix course and Nordschleife according to their own abilities - always with the old hero images since 1927 in mind - take under the wheels. At the last meetings, the number of 80 starters was still exceeded in each case.


Early registrants until 31.01.2022 start again slightly cheaper

The entry options are now prepared as a registration pdf. Also newcomers with pre-war vehicles are always welcome in the ranks of the repeat offenders. The registration form can be found in the entry area right here: