It remains unforgotten: The "Golden Era" of motorsport. Above all, the German Touring Car Championship DTM coined this term like no other racing series. A practically classless set of regulations that allowed spectacular duels with production-based cars and created images that were often seen by more than 100,000 people at the races and millions of fans at home on their TV screens.

Touring cars always know how to thrill

It is and will therefore remain an inspiring topic in historic motorsport that spans generations. From 26 - 28 May 2023, the racing cars of this "Touring Car Golden Era" will once again be seen at the start of the Nürburgring Classic, delivering thrilling battles on the Grand Prix circuit.

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Memory of wheel-to-wheel duels with almost equally strong racing cars

Emerging from the memorable era of the German Racing Championship - DRM (1971- 1985), the DTM (1984-1996) finally led to the two-litre championships of the Super Touring Car Championship STW (1993-1999) and the European and World Touring Car Championship ETCC / WTCC (2000-2006) for cost reasons. A lot of action and attractiveness remained - still inspire today.



Undisputed heroes to this day

These three decades of motorsport had one thing in common: wheel-to-wheel duels with almost equally strong racing cars as a real challenge for the driver, on whose skills practically everything depended. That's why we celebrate those players as our undisputed heroes to this day. Stars from a time when people shared beer and racing sausages in the paddock and were always accessible to their fans. This group of starters therefore fits perfectly into the "Race Event" - the Nürburgring Classic - as part of the authentic journey through time at the race track.

In 2022, the Nürburgring Classic had already announced the popular touring car format independently in order to bring as many racing cars from this era as possible onto the track for spectators and fans. Registrations for 2023 are also open now. The entry fee is 780,- €. All information for starters is available right here.