The Nürburgring Classic 2024 was an inspiring event on the traditional race track in the Eifel. Despite the initially changeable weather, over 800 participants took part in seven different racing series and numerous special races on Saturday and Sunday in partly bright sunshine!


BOSS GP and Touring Car Golden Era as crowd puller

The approximately 22,000 visitors at the weekend were able to experience seven different racing series and many special races up close.

The BOSS GP brought the Eifel to life. One of the fastest racing series in Europe brought action-packed, fast motorsport with goosebump-inducing moments to the Nürburgring tarmac thanks to the unique sound of Formula 1, Formula 3000 cars and IndyCars.

The battles in the individual races went down to the last second and in some cases the finish line was only separated by fractions of a second! From the vehicles of the "Golden Era" touring cars, the touring cars and GTs of the Historic Championship 65 and 81, the historic formula cars of the Historic Monoposto Racing to the full starting fields of the Youngtimer Trophy and the "Kampf der Zwerge".


The teams impressed with great motorsport in front of the numerous fans

An impressive number of around 100 pre-war cars found their home in the historic 1927 paddock as part of the event. The vehicles, some of which were very rare, were not only on the Grand Prix circuit, they also took to the unique Nordschleife.

Regardless of whether they are chasing the fastest times in competition or travelling in lovingly built classic cars as part of the regularity tests, the Nürburgring Classic has become a fixed date for participants.


A race event for the whole family

On Saturday evening, MAM presented a rousing BAP tribute show. As darkness fell, a firework display at the end of the day gave the paddock a special glow.

However, the event continues to thrive on the Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and Ford Capri brand clubs, which used the weekend to present their vehicles or took the opportunity to take part in the regularity tests on the Grand Prix circuit and Nordschleife.


Make a note of May 2025 now!

Organising Director Henning Meyersrenken was extremely satisfied with this year's edition of the Nürburgring Classic: "I am delighted that everything went so smoothly. With glorious weather on both race days, we succeeded in creating a very special atmosphere and offering the numerous spectators close-up motorsport with a unique range of vehicles."

Our heartfelt thanks go to our co-operation partners and all the volunteers and track marshals whose work makes such an event possible in the first place.

Next year, it will once again be "Gentlemen, start your engines" when we line up at the Nürburgring Classic at the end of May.