GLP-Start  -  Jetzt buchen!

For the Nürburgring Classic from May 21 - 23, 2021, all classic and youngtimer owners can start for an entry fee between 125.00 and 145.00 euros on the Grand Prix circuit in regularity races.

Secure last starting positions for 2021

Experience the Grand Prix circuit for yourself in competition - together with like-minded people. This is the idea behind the GLP runs in the Nürburgring Classic. Registrations for 2020 - after the postponement of the next edition to May 2021 - have been maintained by more than 90% of the starters. But there is still a starting place here and there in the starting fields!

This is the chance for all of you! Drive your own classic - like the Weekend Heroes back then - to Ring, complete the competitions in the fight for meters and seconds entirely according to your own timing and vehicle confidence and be there in the group of aces.



Three opportunities for participating in GLP runs at the Nürburgring

For all three competitions of the GLPs, which we call "Grand Prix Track-Masters" and which are raced for cups and placings, all information can be found on the website in the entry section.

Multiple entries possible

Many starters - we know this from the last years - actually take part in all three formats... this means then of course maximum driving fun.

We are looking forward to many registrations - the starting places that are still open today will be allocated according to the receipt of entries until the fields of participants are filled according to the regulations.

Lots of fun and a good pace at the fast registration in the entry platform.