Ringwerk Nürburgring

Exclusively and only at the Nürburgring Classic, the entrance ticket for the ring°werk adventure museum, worth 9.50 euros, is always already included in the ticket to the race event. As a special feature, the Nürburgring Classic offers this special extra! So be sure to secure your tickets for June 12 - 14, 2020 in advance now.

Anmeldebereich geöffnet

For the next Nürburgring Classic from June 12 to 14, 2020, the registration area - we call it the entry platform - is now open. Participation in the various areas such as GLP = regularity runs on the Grand Prix circuit, experience runs on the Nordschleife and much more, can be registered now.

Planungen 2020 offiziell!

There are some important dates to note for the next Nürburgring Classic 2020. Write them down in bold letters in your calendar.

Feuerwerk über dem Nürburgring

The "Nürburgring Classic" race event has once again attracted many visitors, fans and motorsport enthusiasts to the legendary Eifel circuit in 2019. In glorious summer weather, almost 25,000 visitors enjoyed the historic motorsport meeting and saw nearly 800 vehicles in 25 races and special runs.

Jetzt Ergebnisse online

For all participants, teams and interested parties are now all times and results online as pdfs. to find. So that you can check and compare, see how much the effort has paid off... review the days.

Starter Nürburgring Classic

It all kicks off in the green hell and the paddocks next weekend when more than 800 teams and starters take to the track in 25 races and special runs at only the third edition of the successful Nürburgring Classic.

Die Invasion der Minis

Would John Cooper and Alec Issigonis ever have thought it possible? A large group of great Minis will be on the grid as guests of honor in the 2019 Nürburgring Classic. As a British motorsport journalist once said, ''If the Mini was cool, then the Mini Cooper was cool with knobs on.''

Katzentreffen – Sportlich

If from 24 - 26 May 2019 the Nürburgring with the historic motorsport meeting "Nürburgring Classic" according to current entry lists already has almost 800 drivers and teams and 25 races and special runs to offer, then very special teams are now added.

Techno Classica 2019 – Stand G107 in der Galeria

From April 10 to 14, 2019, you will find us at the Techno Classica trade fair in Essen. Location: Gallery GA 107. Here the Nürburgring Classic team is waiting for you - with good conversations, more information about the race event, an unusual exhibit and already all the tickets for the advance ticket sales for the 2019 event. Secure tickets in advance means: take advantage of the price!