Vintage-Treffen 2021

When the paddocks at the Nürburgring open again from May 21 - 23, 2021, and owners of historic vehicles come to the Nürburgring Classic as participants and visitors, it will also be "Welcome to the great pre-war meeting!" again.

Experience – Die Strecke erleben!

The Nordschleife - the grail of the Nürburgring - the legendary green hell. The scene of so many races and fights... open to all classic car owners at the starts in the Experience runs of the Nürburgring Classic 2021.

GLP-Start  -  Jetzt buchen!

For the Nürburgring Classic from May 21 - 23, 2021, all classic and youngtimer owners can start for an entry fee between 125.00 and 145.00 euros on the Grand Prix circuit in regularity races.

Nuerburgring Classic postponed to 2021

Corona - and everything is no longer as it was... Is it true?... No! We would like to thank you for the great support we received as feedback for the decision to postpone to 2021.

Nuerburgring Classic postponed to 2021

The actual times are difficult times for all of us – our team from the organising office of the Nuerburgring Classic wishes all of you a good mood, good health and good times with your friends and family. The organisers of the Nuerburgring Classic Race Event have decided to postpone the nex edition of the race event to 2021.

GLP 3 – Track Masters buchbar

Regularity runs on the Grand Prix circuit - a great chance to drive your own classic car "in a natural environment" according to your own abilities.

Publikumslieblinge am Start

With the many program points that make up the race event as a whole, everyone will find their own personal highlight that makes the heart beat faster. Touring cars and pre-war vintage cars are certainly at the forefront of the spectators' favor.

Viele Programm-Highlights

In the summer, it will again go high at the Nürburgring from June 12 - 14, 2020. A spectacle on and off the track for participants and spectators alike will be provided. New highlights could be won and the starting fields of the well-known and popular series are filling up!

2. Renntransporter-Treffen

They will meet again in 2020: the packhorses of the great racing and Grand Prix years... the race transporters, historic service vehicles, old trucks and service buses.