Vorkriegstreffen am Nürburgring

Extended drives on the Nordschleife, a "hunting trip in the morning", drives on the Grand Prix circuit and, of course, the highlight is the Elephant Race with legendary Le Mans start on the Grand Prix circuit...so beckons the Vintage Meeting 2018 in the Nürburgring Classic.

Eintritt ins ring°werk kostenlos

Good news for all visitors and ticket buyers of the Nürburgring Classic 2018. The ticket for the big historic motorsport meeting from June 15 - 17, 2018 already includes a bonus admission to the museum ring°werk as a special feature and ticket advantage.  

Nennung zur Nürburgring Classic

The opportunities to register for the various driving parts at the Nürburgring Klassik are open online for every classic car and youngtimer owner from February 1, 2018.